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Samples of work in progress from an eclectic collection of heartfelt songs to be released later this year.

More songs to be added very soon, so please watch this space!

Please like your favourite songs and the top 2 will be released first to raise funds to complete and release the album.

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All songs written & arranged

by Zynia G. Maylyn & Nick Smith

'Hold On', 'Poisoned Minds' & 'I Still Want You' produced by Zynia G. Maylyn & Nick Smith

'Keep On Loving You', 'Matahari' & 'Sinner' recorded at Rockfield Studios.

Engineered by Matt Butler. Produced by Zynia G. Maylyn, Nick Smith & Matt Butler

Extra special thanks to: Matt Butler, Jez Nash (keys & programming)

Tom Hooper (drums) & Steve Amadeo (bass)